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 We have an excellent range of plywood for a variety of uses from roofing and flooring to hoarding and walling. Our range of high-quality, high-strength sheet material means that our products have a high resistance to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting and warping. Our range includes hardwood panels. The more common uses for these panels are finished furniture, cabinets, casework, doors, fixtures and displays, and a wide variety of other industrial, residential and DIY applications. Our coniferous/softwood panels are ideal for construction and industrial purposes for both interior and exterior use, and are easily worked with the same hand and power tools as dimensional lumber. Both are suitable for structural and non-structural applications. We stock an exceptionally wide range of plywood, ranging from Chilean, Finnish and Swedish soft plywood to Chinese, Brazilian and Far Eastern hard plywood. Pop into branch to learn more about each one.

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