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Here at LBS we offer you both bagged and putty lime from our quality suppliers.Our lime putty is suitable for blending in the correct ratios with appropriate sands to produce plasters and mortars (coarse is ideal for this purpose) and diluting with water to produce limewash or lime water (fine is ideal for this purpose).

Premixed ‘wet’ products are made from lime putty with the addition of an aggregate and/or fibre to save you having to blend on site and include mortar, plaster, glaster and lime hemp plaster. This lime is regarded as the most appropriate lime for old buildings where maximum permeability and flexibility is required especially suitable for pointing brick and soft stone work and is highly suitable for nearly all internal plastering and rendering onto cob, straw etc.

We also stock bagged, powdered lime. This is a dry powder lime produced from limestone containing clay and other impurities which enable it to set without exposure to air; it is therefore used for providing a faster initial set in more extreme conditions including under water. This can be used in situations where a bright white lime mortar is required and in applications that require a faster initial set.


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